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Frost on the ground, crispness in the air—even with a glorious fall, some wise guy has activated the ‘winter’ setting on Nature’s thermostat. Even as summer’s last gasps fade, Strathcona’s hallways, gyms, and labs remain full of life and learning. Here are just a few of the highlights:

In Athletics, fall means cross-country track and field…so, at Scona, that means another City championship. How many? Try 43 consecutive City titles and a second place at Provincials! Well done, Lords! Scona’s volleyball teams are in the midst of a great year, with the Senior Women’s squad coming off a win at the Scona Classic tournament while focusing on qualifying for the Provincial title. Meanwhile, both Junior Volleyball squads are playing in the City finals. Results are yet to come—but both teams are poised for victory. Check the website— for the latest. The Co-Ed Indoor Soccer team is jelling nicely and working toward another City title. The Swim team heads for their 33rd consecutive city championship. Of course, hoops on the hardwood will soon be in full swing, and excellence is always the watchword. Then there’s football. The Lords completed a banner season with a hard-fought 15-14 win in the Miles Conference Championship game over Androssan. Moreover, Head Coach Dallas Hartwell has built the foundation for success with a large contingent of grade 10 and 11 players ready to build for next year. Overall, another great year for the Lords!

Meanwhile, in Arts news, Scona’s annual Spring musical has been unveiled. This year’s production is the smash Broadway hit and movie sensation “Bring It On”. If last year’s sellouts for “RENT” are any indication, getting tickets early is a great idea! In the meantime, students are feverishly preparing for SconaActs, our one act play festival. Scona’s award-winning musicians are not out in the cold, tuning up for a Winter Concert while also prepping the score for “Bring It On”.

However, Scona’s staff and students never forget two things: the importance of academics, and our motto—“As One Who Serves”. With first semester midterms already over, students and staff alike have begun preparing for final exams, including the rigorous Provincial Diploma exams at the end of January. Many teachers offer extra help before and after school and at lunch hour to help students excel. Scona also features one of the nation’s largest, most successful Advanced Placement (AP) programs, underscored by our national AP Scholars. Meaning that on five AP exams, these students had an average of four or higher on a five-point scale, thus earning University credits at hundreds of institutions worldwide, including the University of Alberta. Great job, Lords!

Scona’s Leadership classes are busy planning this year’s Global Awareness Project, with a school wide vote being held to determine which organization will benefit from our efforts. Last year’s project demolished Canadian records for fundraising (how does $449,000 sound?), but this year’s cohort of students and staff want to go even higher! Watch this space for details!

Mid-October saw the Get Your Lord On (GYLO) Leadership Conference, with over 450 students taking part in various workshops. And finally, with November comes Remembrance Day, where the gym will be packed with students for a moving ceremony featuring many veterans—including alumni- who still feel a strong connection to the Scona community after some 70-plus years. Even better, the ceremony and performances are presented and coordinated by the students. Here at Strathcona, staff and students alike are truly honoured by the presence of these veterans, who are in turn pleased with the respect demonstrated by the students for those who truly embodied our proud motto: “As One Who Serves”.