Strathcona High School

Facts & Figures: 350+ Scona Lords achieved AP Honours status in the last decade


Sure, there’s reading and there’s writing. But there’s also listening, speaking, interpreting, viewing and plenty of critical thinking going on in our English courses. Even the scientists must agree, because numerous studies show that success in English courses is a strong determining factor in overall academic performance.

Inspiring a love of language...

At Strathcona, our English instructors go above and beyond words on paper, stimulating students with relevant short stories, essays, plays, poetry, novels and multi-media texts that engage and entertain. Not every student that passes through our doors is going to write Hamlet someday, but many of them will sure be inspired to try. And for the remainder of us, rest assured that Strathcona’s English courses provide the critical reading, writing and research skills that cross over into every area of study.

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