Strathcona High School

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Student Life

“The sense of unity at Strathcona really makes it stand out above the rest. Students wake up in the morning and are excited to come to school. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be decked out in red and gold, draped in a toga, and screaming: “THIS IS SCCOOOONNNAAA!!!”

— Katlyn Taschuk, grade ten.

Okay, so not every day is ‘screaming day’ at Strathcona, at least not during library time. But what Katlyn is getting at is that intangible thing they call ‘school spirit;’ that common feeling of pride and purpose that makes us cry out, at least on the inside.

Setting the table for a learning feast…

We understand that providing state-of-the-art learning facilities, putting outstanding teachers in the classroom, and working to instill a sense of leadership is our part of the formula. There is an energy that is shared by every student at Strathcona, a distinct pulse that beats through the cafeteria to the fitness & wellness centre, from the art studios to the computer labs.

Having their cake and eating it too...

Students take responsibility for their studies, directing their learning toward individual goals. People respect each other, they laugh in the halls, and they get together on the weekends to connect and build lifelong friendships. At Strathcona there is a sense of community among the students that makes the grown-ups jealous – no wonder they call high school “the time of your life.”