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International Languages

Welcome to the International Languages Program at Strathcona High School!  (French, German, and Spanish)

Learning new languages stimulates a passion in our students and encourages them to explore international learning opportunities, engage in world events and learn about the history and culture of far-away lands. It also helps your English language skills, improving grammar, spelling and composition.

With a stream for students coming from French immersion programs, German literature courses for bilingual German students, and Spanish courses that prepare students to feel at home in Spain and other Spanish countries.  Our languages other than English courses do more than just conjugate verbs — they prepare students for bilingual studies at the post-secondary level.  Our German, French, and Spanish courses prepare students for the International Sprachdiplom, DELF exam, or the Dele exam.  Bilingual German students may be eligible for free tuition at German Universities.  

Interested in the Spanish Bilingual Program. Check out our International Spanish Academy Blog for more information on the program.

An internationally great experience!!!


All students studying a second language at Strathcona have the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized accreditation through the following exams:

  • French:     D.E.L.F.
  • German:   Sprachdiplom
  • Spanish:   D.E.L.E.

International student partnerships and exchanges are possible through Alberta Education and Strathcona's international partners:

  • Rouen, France and Quebec
  • Wolfhagen and other cities in Germany
  • Spain and Mexico

The Alberta-Spain Exchange

 More about our German Bilingual Program

The German Bilingual Program at Strathcona High School ranks among the most renowned in western Canada.   It is here that students are recognized for their development of German skills that began – for many – before grade one.

In the Bilingual Program at Strathcona, students have the opportunity to participate in either the three month Exchange Program between the provinces of Alberta and Hessen (Germany) or the two week exchange with the Schiller School in Frankfurt. 

For about 20 years, approximately 900 students of the German Bilingual Program have participated with great success in the German Language Proficiency Examinations, DSD I and II.  These examinations are taken by the students after 10 and 12 years of study under the auspices of the German Language Consultant for Western Canada.

Strathcona is the only public high school in AB which has been granted the status of an official testing centre for certified diplomas by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA).  Students who have successfully completed these examinations meet the necessary German language requirement that gives them the opportunity to study at universities in Germany.